Wednesday, November 26, 2008


a church really early in the morning
they love christmas so much, no rules about waiting until after thanksgiving
main street in galway
wall painting outside of a jewelry store
discovery on a side street
my truck
some shops
i didn't actually drink any of this, but the sign is pretty awesome
clearly, a bakery
steps to the river

oil spill
river corriv
gulls over the water

my favorite place ever

this swan was having a really hard time with this bump

santa came!
stained glass in the original claddagh (sp?) makers


kate through the steam of my baked potatoes
the potato place of god
homeless man and his irish wolfhound.  he also has a jack russel, who's not there now.
tig cioli, the best pub in galway (or so i've heard)

my favorite graffiti ever
java's cappuccino

kate on our way to the castle

wonderful castle

me on the river corriv
and kate
and us
inside tig cioli
my potatoes at couch potatas