Wednesday, December 24, 2008

good old american christmas

the following is a brief visual list of things that made returning to the united states worthwhile:

1) decorating the christmas tree 

2) lucy, the new puppy
3) gracie, seasoned member of the family
4) pippin, mentally challenged but delightful pig
5) evie and joon, buxom peruvian spies

Monday, December 15, 2008

the last of roma

alison and i outside our front door with the christmas tree put up by our awful doorman
via dei gracchi 84, closest thing to home in roma
fountain in neighborhood piazza

sights along my way to school and near our apartment

the east side of the tiber

a road i took home sometimes
bridge right outside school
school.... woo
fancy government building
nice graffiti
beggar outside st. pietro in vincoli (st. peter in chains)
ceiling in st. peter

chains of st. peter
michelangelo's moses
tree on via del corso
piazza del popolo at dusk


things in the little museum in the coliseum

basilica in the forum

arch of constantine
inside the coliseum

detail of arch of constantine

temple of st. augusto
umbrella pines, how i will miss them

arch of titus

the tiber flooded

an unfortunate misspelling?  i will never know.