Thursday, July 30, 2009

recent in-house sightings

$3 ice skates
ancient quilt my mom discovered in the closet
her button collection
unicorn mobile
the savior
again, with madre
ridiculous feline behavior

Friday, July 17, 2009


view from the bus stop, northern ireland
giant's causeway, northern ireland
giant's causeway
swarm, giant's causeway
this rock had a name; i forget it.... near giant's causeway
near causeway
queen anne's  lace
beach near causeway.  it was freezing.
killybegs, republic of ireland
church grounds, killybegs
river corrib, galway
kind of cute, kind of gross... inishmore, aran islands
rooster, inishmore
our guide from doolin up to the cliffs of moher.  we named her susan; she was wonderful.
the beginning of the trek
susan taking it all in
view on the way up
bad sign #1
bad sign #2: we are what the cows are running towards.
bad sign #3
rock formations we enjoyed after susan fought off the cows
cliffs of moher
one of many electric/barbed/rusty fences that needed climbing over
the cliffs
monument, dublin

Thursday, July 9, 2009

switzerland, germany, & the netherlands

i am exhausted from sorting through all these photos.  please excuse my uninformative captions.  these are from the days spent with my wonderful relatives in vevey, switzerland.  it was the most relaxing few days of the trip, despite the mountain hike.  after are some photos of heidelberg and amsterdam.  by this time, i was honestly getting tired of having my camera on me at all times so there are fewer.

view from pre-alps hike with my ex-pat cousin and her swiss husband, switzerland 
paragliders that ran right off the mountain
our friend at the top of the climb
view from the top
view from my family's balcony, vevey, switzerland 
and again, right on lac leman (lake geneva)
day trip to bern!
bern wires
zytglogge, bern
swiss guard
street decor
facade of the munster, gothic cathedral, bern
ladies on the munster
stained glass inside
extended family who fought for switzerland 
bern's peculiar building ornaments
the alps
see the monstrous peak on the right?  we climbed to the top.
out of control veveyan swans
wonderful fork in lac leman by the food museum
carousel, vevey
detail on the hubstrasse, heidelberg, germany
madonna and child, heidelberg
awesome and oddly proportioned reclining man
schloss, heidelberg
bunny, heidelberg
inside the schloss
sweet threads, schloss
from the castle
some details in the castle
view of the castle from the philosophers' walk
river neckar
goats, amsterdam campground, the netherlands
scariest mammal i've ever seen, amsterdam
abdominal growth
canal, amsterdam
wildflowers, amsterdam