Sunday, February 8, 2009

body suit

here is the beginning of the previously described wearable piece.  it is a velour spandex with little specks of gold glitter.  it fits me better than the mannequin; it is not meant to be so loose.  the sleeves are connected and can drag behind the body or be gathered together and held closer to the body.  

Friday, February 6, 2009

first friday brainstorms

i purchased fabric today for a wearable piece i will be making very, very soon.  here are some images i have been looking at that in some way relate to what i'm doing.  i usually gather images like these on my desktop after searching for inspiration on a particular strain of ideas.  i am posting these to share with those interested a very important part of making things, the part where i pull from many different ideas and attempt to unify them in a work.  this is a rigorous process of adding and subtracting information to and from the core elements of the work in progress. 

edwardian style shoe with gold sequins

elizabeth: the golden age, work of (the amazing) Alexandra Byrne

Giovanni Bellini, Madonna and Child with two saints
John Singer Sargent, Lady Macbeth
Gerald Ford in baptismal gown, 1913
Giovanni Bellini, The Baptism of Jesus
immersion baptism

dan, bill, and frank

Monday, February 2, 2009

open windows on my half birthday

very wrinkly silkscreen test for idea (i saw sicily in my november pear)
textile ink on cotton, approximately 16''x20''
the "perfect" sketchbook
hand-bound, approximately 5''x6''
sketch for part of a wearable piece
part of a collaborative piece to be installed at Tyler,
approximately 14', crocheted and braided yarn