Sunday, September 21, 2008

cat sanctuary!

the first three photos here are of the vatican area, but the rest are of the recently discovered cat sanctuary, a site where cats of all kinds live among ruins and can be adopted.  

Monday, September 15, 2008

Roman Wall Walk

so, i survived a 13 mile walk around the ancient wall of roma; enough said.

tiber river flood prevention
view of the city and alban hills
shiny pipes
trashy trashy
awesome lady on her bike
graffiti by the tiber
one of many busts around the more intimate parts of the city
arch at porta porghese
bridge by castel sant' angelo
energetic figures on a bridge
cloudy day in roma
some guy (who looks very much like the guy from todi)
pony ride
roma through the trees
trendy couple with tiny, disgruntled dog
tiny buttresses
the palace of justice
borghese gardens
multiple layers of roman wall along a freeway
another bust, clearly
detail of obelisk
the best bust of them all
church designed by michelangelo
a sunny moment
alexander the great
victor hotel
awesome bird
skinny building
the wall: overgrown
military monument
vines on a mini-castle
mosaic atop aforementioned church designed by michelangelo
an ancient tomb i think? i wasn't listening.
surprisingly beautiful double chin graffiti
filled in arches
domineering building
i want these windows.