Monday, January 26, 2009

dreaming about galway

the river corrib

three day weekends

three day weekends were once among the rarest breeds of weekends, usually only seen around national holidays.  somehow, i have managed to secure a semester's worth of three day weekends.  fifteen magical three day weekends with which i can do whatever i please.  this particular three day weekend, culminating on the first of many class-free mondays, was (and still is) a wonderful one.  I am now hooked (atrocious pun intended) on crocheting.  and my sewing machine is ready for more.  I couldn't help myself and continued on with my crocheting, despite previously giving in to my frustration.  my little basket from my last post has evolved and become an integral half of my newly completed piece creamer and sugar pot, equipped with spoon.  though incredibly unusable for their suggested purpose, i had a lot of fun making these objects and they are dear to me.  Also, after a very large cup of coffee, i grew more ambitious and endeavored to make myself a hat from leftover yarn.  i anticipate more crocheted work in the near future. 

creamer and sugar pot
hand crocheted yarn and twine, some sewn twine detail
hand crocheted yarn hat
some of us don't make much out of our weekends at all

Saturday, January 24, 2009

diving in

i'm back in school and officially a fibers major.  taking four fibers studios is already proving to be a demanding choice, but so far, i love it.  i'm taking body art & adornment, off loom structures, book structures, and silkscreen on fabric.  the following images are of work completed in the last 48 hours.  normally, i am a little more last minute with things, but i was excited and jumped right into the semester.  i've already learned to crochet (well, kind of) in off loom!

polyester, wool blend, polyester velour lining, fiber fill

twine, yarn