Thursday, November 12, 2009

what is going on?

a lot. i am very busy working on many projects. i will post photos when i can. right now my studio space at home is out of control. i have fallen in love with weaving and got a loom off of craigslist. it is wonderful and hopefully in a few weeks i will have it up and running. current projects are: a woven summer kimono made with a traditional japanese technique called weft ikat, a quilted overstuffed coat with screen printed triangles all over, a video performance involving plastic tubing and a hose, and a series of woven and sewn bead mandalas. there are still some loose ends from earlier in the semester that i hope to tie up as well. i am very excited about all of this new work, and am working on it pretty much nonstop. though times of production are very rewarding, it is difficult not to get overwhelmed and i know winter break couldn't come soon enough.

below are some images related to current projects.

weft ikat from cambodia circa 1900
quilted coat, viktor &rolf
fountain dress
tibetan mandala, 14th century

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